Dental Whale’s Dental Entrepreneurs Program Helps Texas Dentist Build Three Profitable Practices

SUNRISE, Fla. (April 9, 2019) – Dental Whale’s Dental Entrepreneurs, a Dental Whale program offering mergers and acquisitions consulting to independent dentists, helped Dr. Alexander Ferdkoff, DDS, seamlessly build and manage new dental practices, growing his network to three practices across Texas.

“The Dental Entrepreneurs program helped me build two locations, and I’m currently building a third location,” Dr. Ferdkoff said. “They take you from the beginning stages of designing the practice, to building it, negotiating the lease, and setting up replicable systems. Our numbers and systems are healthy, and I have the support and financial backing that most dentists simply don’t have. The amount of money I’m taking in has gone up.”

Consolidation has become the dental industry norm, and savvy dentists are spending their extra time expanding their existing practices through mergers and acquisitions. This not only allows them to grow their patient base, it also offers them the opportunity to phase out of the chair and pursue entrepreneurship and run their practices how they want. More independent dentists are turning to Dental Whale’s Dental Entrepreneurs, a firm that partners with dentists throughout the United States to help them expand their practices by acquiring existing dental offices.

“Utilizing the seminars and online resources, for me, has essentially been the equivalent of obtaining an MBA in everything dental,” Dr. Ferdkoff said. “This is for dentists who are looking to build and maximize multiple locations, and ultimately cash out – not at the end of the rainbow in 30 years – in a reasonable amount of time – five, six, or seven years.”

Our mission is to assist independent dentists in the often frustrating process of mergers and acquisitions.

Scott Leune, Dental Whale Education Leader

“The marketplace does not currently favor solo practitioners. Dental service organizations, private equity firms and sellers continue to dominate dental mergers and acquisitions, and there is no real platform for independent dentists to receive M&A assistance, apart from these entities. Dental Whale’s Dental Entrepreneurs provides dentists all the tools they need to make smart M&A decisions on their own – to help them independently expand their network while increasing overall profitability.”

Watch Dr. Ferdkoff’s full review of Dental Whale’s Dental Entrepreneurs program.

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