Dental Whale CEO David Lopez Lays Out Company Vision in Patient Prism Interview

SUNRISE, Fla. (July 23, 2019) – Dental Whale CEO David Lopez was interviewed by Amal Nirgudkar, CEO of Patient Prism, a call tracking and coaching platform made exclusively for dental practices, about how the Dental Whale brand is evolving. Lopez explained that Dental Whale, a firm specializing in dental practice support services, will be a one-stop-shop for dentists looking to optimize their practice. By bringing together even more specialized dental-based companies, Dental Whale will continue to fulfill every need that arises for dentists running a growing practice.

Our vision is to create a platform of intelligent solutions for the dental industry. There are a lot of solutions out there that solve individual pieces of managing a practice. What we’ve been doing is putting all the solutions together and then building the technology platform that makes it seamless to use all our solutions.

David Lopez, Dental Whale Leader

Dental Whale offers private dentists a range of services and support, which includes helping start-up and acquired practices, grow profitability and create exit strategies, monitor network security, purchase dental and office supplies at reduced rates, and more through its subsidiaries that include:

  • Conversion Whale – The nation’s leading Google AdWords marketing company for dental practices that creates simple yet profitable lead generation strategies, including direct mail services.
  • Dental Fix Rx – Mobile dental equipment repair service delivering immediate, on-demand equipment maintenance, hand-piece repairs, and cost-effective consumable products. Through the brand’s Unlimited Service Plan, dental practices receive regular preventive maintenance checks and repair services by the same technician for one low monthly flat rate.
  • Dental Whale Savings Network – A nationwide organization that provides dentists with inventory cost controls by leveraging the buying power of hundreds of dental practices.
  • Front Desk DDS – A dental-specific scheduling service used by dentist offices nationwide to book appointments, verify insurance benefits, process payments, manage unpaid claims and provide billing and collection services.
  • Lean Dental Design – A fast-growing support services firm for dentists looking to design and build state-of-the-art practices. Lean Dental Design’s experts work with dentists to create smart practice design, develop lean cost structure, and offer comprehensive management support while providing a cost savings of up to $200,000.
  • UnlimiTECH Dental IT – A comprehensive IT management services firm that monitors dental practice systems around the clock and takes action upon notification of any issues.

Private dentists join Dental Whale when they want to begin developing innovative start-up practices or grow their businesses by acquiring and operating multiple practices. They also join to increase their bottom line by running their practices with greater efficiencies through proven methods. Dentists utilize Dental Whale’s expert consulting and customizable outsourcing options, which help take professionals out of the chair and into management and ownership.

“The customizable suite of services and solutions we provide is making a noticeable difference in the dental industry,” said Dr. Scott Leune, Dental Whale Education Leader. “It goes far beyond what any private practice could manage on its own.”

Check out the full interview with David Lopez here.

About Dental Whale

With offices in San Antonio, Miami, and Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., Dental Whale is an innovative dental company carving a new category of group private practice ownership and management. Through its suite of subsidiary companies, Dental Whale helps dentists operate dental practices more efficiently by saving money on purchases, marketing to new patients, expanding through acquisitions, improving patient experience, and increasing office efficiency. In 2018, Dental Whale and its more than 850 team members supported more than 17,000 dentists and helped serve more than 4 million patients. For more information on Dental Whale, call 855-339-3740 or visit