Dental Whale Strategic Revenue Leader Scott Mortier Shares Lean Dental Design Methodology for Efficient Practice Build-Out

SUNRISE, Fla. (August 13, 2019) – Scott Mortier, Strategic Revenue Leader of Dental Whale, recently joined John Stamper on his podcast, DentalCast Productions, to discuss the many services Dental Whale offers independent dentists. In the most recent episode, Mortier shared three crucial steps to design a dental office efficiently and cost-effectively. These key takeaways were based on best practices from Dental Whale subsidiary Lean Dental Design, a fast-growing support services firm for dentists looking to design and build state-of-the-art practices.

Among the three tips Mortier shared was the importance of designing and building a practice with a proven methodology and strategies for success.

When you’re making a decision to open a new practice, particularly when building a start-up, there needs to be a methodology or thought process behind your decision-making.

Scott Mortier, Strategic Revenue Leader

“Whether it’s how to pick a location or even which finishes to use, it’s important to have the experience and knowledge of those who have done it before. For instance, there are more than 100 practices across the country currently operating based on Lean Dental Design methodology, and as a business owner, you owe it to yourself to leverage the expertise and strategies from others with proven success.”

Dentists turn to Lean Dental Design to ensure their new practice is poised for profitability and best-in-class design. Leveraging the Lean Dental Design team’s expertise, dentists take advantage of proven strategies, best practices and cost-saving measures, and ultimately save up to $200,000 from:

  • Smart design – Lean Dental Design helps launch state-of-the-art practices with beautiful interiors and smart efficiencies.
  • Streamlined cost structure – Lean Dental Design helps dentists save money, minimize waste, and get the best prices on premier design and construction materials.
  • Comprehensive management – The Lean Dental Design team provides hands-on support throughout every phase of the construction and design process.

Lean Dental Design provides dental practice start-ups what they need to create a profitable, marketable business from the very beginning, including demographic analysis, negotiations, architecture and design, construction management services, and more. With a proven, cost-effective process in place, this support guides dentists through the start-up process, helping them avoid countless common pitfalls and obstacles many startup practices face during design and construction phases.

The comprehensive suite of services offered by Lean Dental Design guides dentists through every stage of the ideation and build-out process, including:

  • Location assistance – Lean Dental Design helps dentists find the perfect location using cutting-edge research methods to find the best market opportunities.
  • Letter of intent and lease negotiation – Lean Dental Design experts save dentists anywhere from eight to 12 percent on lease negotiations, shifting business risks away from the dentist and fostering efficient growth.
  • Floor plan design and construction documents – Lean Dental Design provides dentists with a complete set of construction documents, including architectural and engineering plans, recommended interior finish selections, and cabinet elevations. The firm’s experts also provide clients with customized floor plans designed with best-in-class methodologies and intelligent design elements.
  • Construction management – This comprehensive service provides dentists with everything they need from the top down, including bid reviews, auditing, onsite inspections, consultations, timeline management, online tracking, communications, and contractor management.

Private dentists join Dental Whale when they want to begin developing innovative start-up practices or grow their business by acquiring and operating multiple practices. They also join to increase their bottom line by running their practices with greater efficiencies through proven methods. Dentists utilize Dental Whale’s expert consulting and customizable outsourcing options, which help take professionals out of the chair and into management and ownership.

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