Meet the New Heroes of the Dental Industry

DAVIE, Fla. (October 25, 2019) – It’s no secret that dental practices are run by superheroes. From the dynamic front office staff members who move mountains and defy the space-time continuum to maintain a full schedule, to the clinical practitioners who are perpetually searching for the latest, state-of-the-art treatments to offer patients, it truly does take a champion to operate a successful dental practice. 

Veterans take the dental industry by storm as franchise owners

That being said, it may come as a surprise to learn that field professionals aren’t the only forces of nature working diligently to elevate the dental industry. Dentistry heroes, meet the newest members of your team – veterans. 

For those who have served in the armed forces, establishing a new career after serving our country can be a daunting task. However, according to the latest issue of Entrepreneur magazine, a significant number of U.S. vets have found a fulfilling post-service niche in the dental industry. In particular, with Dental Fix RX.

Changing the Face of Dentistry 

As part of a special feature in its October/November issue, Entrepreneur unveiled its list of Top Franchises for Veterans. The magazine’s 2019 rankings position Dental Fix RX, a mobile dental equipment repair and emergency service provider, as one of the most sought-after franchise opportunities for veterans – and for good reason. The Dental Whale subsidiary boasts more than 29,000 satisfied dental clients franchise-wide. 

But looking beyond service offerings, there is a deeper appeal and connection to the dental industry, as a whole, for veterans. 

Why Dental? 

Veterans are an excellent match for dental positions. Much like the military, the dental industry follows a clear set of systems and procedures. Any dental-related occupation requires precision, focus, and discipline. 

Also akin to the armed forces, dentistry offers an invaluable service on a human level. It’s man helping man – a motto that profoundly resonates among veterans and which makes them uniquely positioned for a job in the dental industry. 

From Military Training to Civilian Setting  

Attaining a position in any dental-affiliated setting takes time and rigorous training, a process veterans are well-acquainted with. In order to become a franchisee, Dental Fix RX requires both preliminary and standard training. 

During the pre-training period, veterans learn their objective, meaning the role they will play in helping the dental industry provide quality care to patients. This is followed by three weeks of hands-on classroom training, which provides veterans with the opportunity to apply technical skills carried over from the military. If they don’t already have the technical skills needed for franchise operation, training is the time when they learn it. 

As part of the training process, prospective franchisees are given real-life scenarios with actual equipment and taught how to make repairs efficiently and precisely. In the field, Dental Fix RX franchisees mobilize quickly with fully equipped mobile repair vans and highly skilled technicians to perform a variety of repairs on dental equipment, such as handpieces, chairs, vacuum pumps, and more. The clear-cut structure holds franchisees accountable while giving them the freedom to lead their business how they want.  

“At Dental Fix RX, we are very grateful to be recognized as a top franchise for veterans,” said Scott Mortier, strategic revenue leader for Dental Whale.

Veteran franchisees bring valuable backgrounds and skill sets to help keep dental practices operating smoothly and efficiently. They are well-suited for the franchise model and the nature of the dental equipment repair industry because of their time served in the armed forces.

Scott Mortier, Strategic Revenue Leader

So get ready, dental players, the new heroes of the industry are here and ready to offer their skills and services.