Industry Leader Dental Whale Helps Dentists Amid Pandemic Through Streamlined Services

Dentists Are Still Profiting Thanks to the ORCA Platform

SUNRISE, Fla. — December 8, 2020 — As dental practices are still grappling with being fully operational, industry titan Dental Whale® has been helping dentists survive COVID-19 and overcome the September slump through its streamlined services. The nation’s leading provider of dental solutions and education remains dedicated to serving dentists and DSOs despite current economic hardships. 

The organization helps dentists operate and manage dental practices more efficiently by saving money on purchases, attracting new patients, increasing production, expanding through acquisitions, enhancing patient experience, and improving office efficiency. In addition to that, private dentists and DSOs seeking innovative solutions and education to optimize their businesses don’t have to go further than Dental Whale’s revolutionary platform, ORCA. 

ORCA is an all-in-one intuitive platform that streamlines the business of dentistry and provides on-demand education content exclusively for dental practices. In fact, several specialized dental companies have integrated ORCA into their system and are leveraging it to gain more visibility into incoming call activity in real time. In addition to that, they’re attaining insight into production opportunities, missed opportunities, the ROI on marketing dollars, and gauging trends in practice reputation.

“As one of the leading dental marketing services, we’ve been able to hone in directly to the areas that require improvement, and have aided dentists to reap the benefits of a spike in production by at least 300% during the pandemic,” exclaimed Conversion Whale Founder Bill Donato. “ORCA’s revolutionary capabilities have been a game changer for our company and clients.”

Other companies have been able to team up to provide dental practices with HIPAA-compliant systems that are secure to access practice management systems. Plus, they’re able to provide real-time feedback to enhance total revenue and skyrocket the practice’s production.

Speaking to the success of that dual-company alliance and integration is Chris Grimm, leader of Unlimitech Dental IT, who said: “ORCA made it easier than ever for us to link to the practice’s current IT infrastructure, including its management system. We’ve been able to streamline scheduling, storage, and security.”

Echoing similar praise is the leader of Front Desk DDS. He said, “Through our partnership with Unlimitech Dental IT, Front Desk DDS answers all their client calls and each call is analyzed through ORCA’s artificial intelligence capabilities. We are able to provide unbeatable data such as audio files and transcripts of calls indicating areas of improvement to acquire and convert new patients.” 

As the go-to provider of choice for dentists and DSOs, Dental Whale’s streamlined services are continually evolving and always incorporating the needs of dentists and their practices in an effort to become more efficient and reduce wasted resources, time, and money.

Not to mention they’ve made it easier for dentists to learn through expert consulting and the convenience of remote training. With an array of master classes and premium content readily accessible, earning CE credits and learning more about dental entrepreneurship has never been easier. To find out more, visit