Dental Whale’s Online Training Courses Make CE Credits Easier to Attain

ORCA Platform Showcases Industry Leaders & Top Influencers

SUNRISE, Fla. — January 19, 2021 — Dental Whale®, the nation’s leading provider of dental solutions and education, is continuing to take dentistry by storm. While many companies were struggling to make an impact in 2020, Dental Whale remains persistent in its quest to innovate. The company’s revolutionary platform, ORCA, has played a vital role in helping dentists and their teams achieve much needed continuing education (CE) credits through an impressive array of digital courses. 

Dental Whale ORCA courses

Despite many of the economic hardships dental practices have faced as a result of COVID-19, one area of utmost importance that they’ve still been able to flourish in are online training courses. Dental Whale has made it possible for dentists and their teams to optimize downtime with CE fulfillment and essential systems teachings. In addition to that, live events have resumed in 2021 in accordance with local social distancing guidelines to cater to both hands-on and virtual learning styles.

“We’ve partnered with the industry’s best and brightest,” stated Dental Whale Leader Joe Cavaretta. “They’re sharing a wealth of knowledge that can be accessed at the viewers convenience, and best of all, available for one-on-one coaching sessions for dentist’s who want to learn their teachings firsthand.” 

With an influx of teachings by industry leaders such as Breakaway Seminars Founder Dr. Scott Leune, Front Office Rocks Founder Laura Nelson, Dental Insurance Coach Colleen Huff, The Dental MBP team, Phelps Institute Founder Dr. Chris Phelps, Dental Success Network Cofounder Dr. David Maloley, Registered Dental Hygienist Mary Hughes, and several others – the platform hosts a wealth of knowledge to get dental practices up and running again at full force.

In fact, Dental Care of Waldorf, who’s been utilizing the platform to its advantage said, “We saw a 300% increase in production using ORCA in our morning huddle.” 

Additionally, ORCA is much more than a platform to expand one’s knowledge about dentistry, it also provides cutting-edge solutions to help dental practices increase production and build wealth. Dentists utilize Dental Whale’s expert consulting and customizable outsourcing options to streamline their business processes and learn more about dental entrepreneurship.

As digital courses are continually being added to ORCA, the organization welcomes new contributors, influencers, and manufacturers within the industry interested in sharing compelling content. If you have tips on how dentists can attract new patients, increase production, improve office efficiency, and all other critical aspects of operating and managing dental practices, send an email to [email protected]

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